Thorny Problem Is Solved With A Little String… And A Big Heart

When Service Champions technician Robert arrived at customer’s home in Alhambra for a heater tune-up, he noticed a huge cactus—about 6 feet tall—laying on the ground on its side in the front yard. Since it had been windy and had just rained, he figured that it had probably just fallen over that morning. But upon closer inspection, he realized that the cactus has been lying on its side for quite some time.

When he went inside, he found an older couple that lived alone and didn’t appear to be able to lift the cactus themselves. After all, it was a huge cactus!

So when the tune-up was complete, Robert—always on the lookout to perform a “good deed for free”—asked if it would be okay to try to set the cactus upright for them.

They were thrilled! They explained that they had tried to get their nephew to help them, but he just hadn’t made it over yet.

No problem! Robert put on a pair of gloves to protect against the pricks of the cactus and got to work. He realized that the cactus had toppled because it had become top-heavy. He grabbed a sturdy piece of string from his truck, wrapped it around the plant for leverage, and heaved it up to its proper position.  He then used the string to tie the cactus to a nearby fence, and voila! Problem solved!

The total time required to fix the prickly problem was only about 10 minutes, but he earned the respect and gratitude of that customer for life!