ThermaShield Radiant Barrier

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A ThermaShield℠ Radiant Barrier Is The Smart Way To Control Excess Heat

Get Rid Of Unwanted Heat And Unwanted Utility Expenses


ThermaShield Radiant Barrier is a natural way to eliminate excess heat and lower your utility bills. Though it looks like a strip of foil, just know, this isn’t your average kitchen foil. Radiant Barrier is made from strong, industrial foil that can withstand extreme temperatures, like the ones in your attic.

There are many advantages of installing ThermaShield Radiant Barrier:

  • Keeps your house cool
  • Reflects unwanted heat
  • Saves you money on utility expenses


To understand how Radiant Barrier works, you need to first understand radiant heat. Radiant heat is sent through the atmosphere via electromagnetic waves. These waves absorb into matter and materials around them. Examples of matter and materials are your roof tiles, attic walls, car, condenser, and really anything in the sun’s path.

Once they are absorbed, the electromagnetic waves are converted to heat. This heat, or radiant heat, in turn warms, or transfers to, any surrounding objects and then heats the entire space.

On a hot day, your attic will absorb so much heat that it can reach the triple digits, Radiant Barrier stops this from happening. Radiant Barrier acts as a mirror and reflects the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere.

  • The roof absorbs most of the sun’s energy through radiation
  • During the warm months of the year, the indoor attic temperature can soar into triple digits
  • The heat that builds inside the attic seeps into the rest of the home and quickly counteracts the effects of air conditioning.

How To Find The Best Company To Install Your ThermaShield Radiant Barrier?

If you don’t ask the right questions - you probably won’t ever find out the things you wish you knew before you hired an HVAC company to work on your home. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the five most important questions you should make sure to ask.

We are very picky about who we hire. All our technicians are thoroughly vetted and back-ground checked – and we still won’t hire someone unless they have the friendly personality we are looking for.

Aside from the initial training – which is an intense 8-10 hour training course, we require all our technicians to train for 150 hours PER YEAR with a master technician.

We sure do. We have 9 written guarantees – and they are all written clearly with no confusing language. Read about them here.

There’s an easy way to do that,  just look up our Google Reviews – there are thousands of them!

That’s actually something we are very careful about because we know how frustrating it is to be fooled by a company that promised you a great price. When we quote you a price, that’s what you pay – no ifs ands or buts.


Installing Radiant Barrier is trickier than most may think. While it looks like sheets of foil installed over your attic ceiling, the process is actually quite involved.

A professionally trained HVAC technician needs to evaluate the location of your home relative to the position of the sun, the slope of your roof and attic, how much space is available, and the outside environment of your home.

To find the most advantageous position for your radiant barrier, call us today or submit a form online.

Radiant barrier should be:

  • Installed in a perpendicular position 
  • Against the heat strike of the sun 
  • Facing an open area

Why Does my Roof and Attic Get so Hot?

The best thing about attic insulation is that it protects you, and your home, from the punishing heat of a hot, summer day. During peak hours, your attic can reach triple digit temperatures.

Your attic gets so hot because the roof absorbs a majority of the sun’s heat through the radiation process we discussed above. During the radiation process, heat absorbed through the roof spreads to anything and everything else in your attic. Including the HVAC system, attic walls, and anything you have stored up there.

The invasive heat can damage your home and HVAC system, it can also undo any cool air created by your air conditioner. Making your home unreasonably hot. The best way to combat this is with Radiant Barrier.

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