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ThermaShield Radiant Barrier

ThermaShieldSM Radiant Barrier

Just as different types of insulation maximize heating and air conditioning home comfort, a ThermaShieldSM radiant barrier is efficient at reflecting unwanted heat keeping your house cool. This will save you a good amount of money on your utility expense.


ThermaShieldSM Radiant Barriers Reduce Heat

The roof absorbs most of the sun’s energy through radiation. (Radiation, or the radiant heat transfer process, prefers to move to solid materials ready to take in its energy.) Because of radiant heat, during the warm months of the year, the indoor attic temperature can soar into triple digits.

Once the roof is heated, the majority of the heat spreads to the underside of the roof and into the attic. In other words, heat equalizes to cooler areas by way of conduction. The heat that builds inside the attic seeps into the rest of the home, creating an unusually warm atmosphere. This unwanted heat undoes air conditioning, and rather quickly.

This is where radiant barriers are used to control unwanted heat.


There is a Right Way to Use ThermaShieldSM Radiant Barrier

Radiant barriers should be installed in a perpendicular position against the heat strike of the sun and face an open area. To find the most advantageous position for your radiant barriers, call us today of submit a form online.

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