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How An Air Conditioning System Works


Investing in an HVAC system, whether it’s a furnace, air conditioner, or both, is crucial to your home and family’s comfort.

At Service Champions, we believe in empowering customers to make the best decisions. This is why our techs can explain everything they’re doing in great detail and can answer any question you may have.

When you need an air conditioning repair, you deserve on-time service, upfront pricing, and friendly technicians that you’re comfortable having in your home. At Service Champions, we’ve been doing exactly that for 30 years.

  • It starts with the air inside your home. The first step your air conditioner takes in providing cold air is retrieving air from inside your home through the supply and return vents.
  • Once the air is sucked in through the vents, it is passed down through the supply air duct, making its way to the furnace.
  • The furnace is where both heating and air conditioning take place. The collected air passes through a filter, then that treated air is distributed through your home.


There is such a wide variety of HVAC filters that we can understand how easy it is to get lost. At Service Champions, our HVAC techs are all incredibly knowledgeable and can help choose the best filter to fit your needs.

For those who want to take health and safety a step further, we provide UV light options. By harnessing this technology for HVAC use, we can eliminate indoor air contaminates like never before.

There are a few options for making sure your air is free of contaminants and irritants.

  • Ultraviolet Biocide Chamber: A product that uses UV rays to destroy airborne viruses, microbiological growth, bacteria, and contaminants.
  • Bioguard Powered Filter. An electronic filter sends waves of static charge into the air passing through it, causing even the smallest dust particles to collect in the filter before being blown throughout your home.
  • Air Scrubber Plus: An add-on to your air conditioning system that reduces home odors caused by chemicals, smoking, pets, and cooking and lessens microbiological growth, odor-causing bacteria, dust, surface, and airborne contaminants.


At Service Champions, we prefer education and a consultative approach over high-pressure sale and a superior attitude. Below you’ll find information that helps you understand how an air-conditioning system actually works.

We install, service, and maintain all makes and models of air conditioners. Here are some basic terms to help you familiarize yourself when looking into a new air conditioning system.

In air conditioning systems, the efficiency is determined by the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio)The higher the SEER, the more energy-efficient the system is, and the lower the operating costs.

(AKA Outdoor Coil): This piece of the air conditioner removes heat from the refrigerant in vapor form. When the heat is removed, the refrigerant becomes liquid and moves back to the inside of the machine.

The compressor is usually located on the outside portion of the air conditioner. The compressor motor is a pump that moves the refrigerant from the indoor evaporator coil to the outside condenser coil and then back to the evaporator coil again.

The evaporator coil is located on the inside of the house. The coil takes heat and moisture out of the indoor air as it crosses over the coils, reversing refrigerant from liquid to gas.

The chemical used to cool air. Refrigerant expands to vapor form, gathering hot air, and then contracts to liquid form to cool the air.

Like a light switch, a single-stage air conditioner is either on or off. When your home’s temperature rises above your thermostat’s setting, it turns on 100% until your comfort level is reached and then turns off completely.

A two-stage air conditioner is more like a fan switch: it can be off, on, or at a medium speed. When your air conditioner only needs to cool your home a few degrees, it uses its “lower gear” to accomplish the task more efficiently. And when the cooling load is more strenuous, it uses its higher speed to cool your home quickly.


Zoning refers to the system in which multiple thermostats are used to control heat and cool areas of the home with one central air system.

What this allows is for different areas of the house, or zones, to be heated or cooled to temperatures varying from zone to zone in the house.

  • Heats or cools only desired areas to maximize your comfort – Zoning allows the freedom to control the distribution of air in your home. This allows the maximum amount of personalized air conditioning and heating
  • Money savings on utility bills – Zoning is particularly energy-efficient since it reduces air conditioning to specified zones instead of the entire house.
  • Flexibility and control over temperature


The best thing you can do for your HVAC system is to schedule regular tune-ups. During an air conditioner tune-up, our expert technicians will clean and examine every part of your system.

You can breathe easy with twice yearly tune-ups. We recommend a tune-up in the spring, before AC season, and in the fall, just before furnace season.

  • We will completely analyze your unit with our 26 point Air Conditioning Precision Tune-up.
  • While your technician is in your home, feel free to ask for any aid in common household chores or other requests!
  • We never leave your home unless you are completely satisfied with our visit.

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