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Bioguard Filtration

Choose To Breathe Clean

Bioguard Filtration For Southern California Homes

If you want to breathe the cleanest air possible inside your home, the filter you choose matters.

Since your heating and air conditioning system is where all your indoor air passes as it is being heated or cooled, the impact of it has on the air your family breathes day in and day out is huge.

This is why keeping your system maintained is important. And it’s why you want your ductwork kept clean, with no holes or leaks.

But it’s also why you need to pay special attention to your heating & air conditioning system’s filter.

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What Is An Electronic Air Cleaner

Bioguard Filtration Is Far Superior To Standard Filters

An average filter will not catch enough of the airborne particles that are responsible for negative health effects. Every filter comes with what is known as a MERV rating, which is a measure of how much it filters out. They typical filter has a rating somewhere between 6 and 8.

Here’s how these special filters use innovative technology for maximum performance:

The Bioguard Filtration attaches at the bottom of your furnace. It emits an electrostatic field within the furnace that causes even the smallest airborne particles to clump together, preventing it from passing through to the other side of the filter and into your air ducts. This clumping also allows for easy clean-up and maintenance.

Everything caught in the filter is what you and your family would have been breathing in without the Bioguard Filtration!

The Benefits of a Bioguard Filtration:

  • It is designed to deliver fresher, cleaner air throughout your entire home
  • Removes more than 95 percent of allergy-aggravating particles
  • It is safe for the environment with no emissions of ozone
  • No cleaning is required
  • Compatible with any HVAC system

Caring For Your Bioguard Filtration

The Bioguard Filtration contains a small insert filter that we recommend replacing twice a year. If you have pets or if your home undergoes construction, you may want to check it sooner and replace as needed.

Other than this small insert filter, a Bioguard Filtration never needs to be serviced.

Families who choose a Bioguard Filtration experience cleaner, fresher air throughout their entire home. A Bioguard Filtration is compatible with any heating and air conditioning system. Once installed, it removes more than 95 percent of allergy-aggravating particles. It is both safe and low-maintenance, making it a popular choice for homes of any size.

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