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The Bioguard Filtration attaches at the bottom of your furnace. It emits an electrostatic field within the furnace that causes even the smallest airborne particles to clump together, preventing it from passing through to the other side of the filter and into your air ducts. This clumping also allows for easy clean-up and maintenance.

Everything caught in the filter is what you and your family would have been breathing in without the Bioguard Filtration!

  • This system helps protect your home and elongate the life of your furnace and condenser
  • Bioguard filtration is an add on to your existing HVAC system
  • Protects your coils from corrosion and mold
  • Reduces overall repair costs


Your AC system is comprised of a compressor – the unit outside in your backyard, and a furnace – the apparatus that actually conditions the air before releasing it into the air ducts to be distributed throughout the house. In the compressor air is primed with refrigerant before entering into the furnace, the unit that is typically stored in the garage or indoors. The furnace is also where the filtration process begins.

No matter how clean your basic filter can get the air, it can get dirty once again during its travel through the air ducts, especially if the ducts are not sealed or maintained.

Leaks and holes in air ducts create a vacuum in the attic. Conditioned air travels through these ducts but escapes through holes and leaks, finding its place in the attic. The air dirties with the stale atmosphere of the attic, collecting dust and other harmful particles. With the continual use of the central air system, more air is pushed through the ducts and more air escapes into the attic, pushing the dirtied attic air back into the ducts and into the home. This is another opportunity for air to contaminate itself because of poor ductwork.

In addition, the presence of moisture in these ducts allows for microbiological growth that is released into your home every time the furnace runs for either heating or air conditioning.

Air duct sealing refers to the process in which the ducts’ joints are sealed to ensure they remain clean and closed, keeping contaminants out and heated and cooled air in. At Service Champions, an advanced air duct sealing method is used where ducts’ joints are sealed with cement mastic.

Air duct sealing is recommended for all homes as it is vital in efficiently cooling and heating your air as well as protecting it from harmful or bothersome contaminants.

Yes. Homes built within the last 40 years should take extra caution as the central air systems are different. These homes are called “tight homes” which were designed to conserve energy by keeping cold air out during the winter and hot air out during the summer. However, this weather-tight efficiency results in even worse indoor air pollution because of insufficient ventilation.

Homes built between 1940 and late 1970s should take caution to the material used to build their home. During this time, asbestos was a popular material in construction and home insulation. If your home was built between these times, there is a good chance your flue pipes have been built out of asbestos. Asbestos fall-out is prone to travel through air ducts and eventually, make its way into homes. This is a great danger given the health hazards of asbestos. It is highly recommended to replace these flue pipes or take measures to lessen hazards to protect your home’s indoor air quality.


Almost every air filter comes with a MERV rating. This rating is based on the materials used to make the filter and how strong said filter is. An average filter used in residential heating and cooling systems is between 6 and 8. While that is enough to be somewhat effective, it’s still not enough to truly purify your air..

The bioguard filtration system uses a filter that’s incredibly strong on the MERV scale with UV lights. This makes for a dramatic and effective combination for health and safety.

  • It is designed to deliver fresher, cleaner air throughout your entire home
  • Removes more than 95 percent of allergy-aggravating particles
  • It is safe for the environment with no emissions of ozone
  • No cleaning is required
  • Compatible with any HVAC system


The Bioguard Filtration contains a small insert filter that we recommend replacing twice a year. If you have pets or if your home undergoes construction, you may want to check it sooner and replace as needed.

Other than this small insert filter, a Bioguard Filtration never needs to be serviced.

Families who choose a Bioguard Filtration experience cleaner, fresher air throughout their entire home. A Bioguard Filtration is compatible with any heating and air conditioning system. Once installed, it removes more than 95 percent of allergy-aggravating particles. It is both safe and low-maintenance, making it a popular choice for homes of any size.

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