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Whole House Water Filter

The Best Whole House Water Filter For Southern California Homes:

Every Drop Of Water Flowing Through
Your Home Will Be Filtered And Conditioned

There’s a better solution to clean drinking water at home than buying endless cases of bottled water or installing a filter on a single tap.

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A whole house water filter is the way to make EVERY drop of water that flows through your home clean, healthy, and refreshing.

There’s a lot of ‘bad stuff’ in water that a whole house filter will protect you and your family from:

  • It gets rid of the bad smell and taste caused by chlorine and other disinfectants – goodbye bottled water.
  • It stops chlorine from damaging pipes and weakening gaskets and seals.
  • A whole house water filter will dissolve scale from hard water and then prevent more scale from happening in the first place.
  • It will also inhibit corrosion of metal piping that happens with hard water.

Why Chlorine and Hard Water Are A Problem

Halo 1 62x300 - Whole House Water FilterWater companies put disinfectants like chlorine in water to kill microbial contaminations. Okay, that’s good, but there’s also a problem: chlorine and similar disinfectants cause water to smell and taste bad.

Also, chlorine can attach itself to naturally occurring materials in the water that then form byproducts you don’t want in your water.

Chlorine also causes other problems because it oxidizes rubber. That means gaskets and seals will be affected – leaking toilets and faucets are often the result of chlorine damage.

Another common problem in homes is caused by ‘hard water.’ This is water that leaves scale – corrosive deposits of solids and sediments in the water.

Scale builds up and restrict water flow; it makes water heaters less efficient and fail faster; and it leaves ugly deposits on dishware, glasses, and silverware.

A whole house water filter SOLVES all these problems.

We Found The Exact Right Whole House Water Filter To Recommend To Our Clients

At Service Champions, we’re fanatical about finding the exact right products. We don’t introduce and recommend any new product to our clients until we are 100% confident it is of the highest quality.

Introducing The Halo 5: The Finest Whole House Water Treatment System Available Today.

The benefits of this whole house water filtration system are many:

  • Removes contaminants without removing minerals essential for human health. (And it’s those minerals that give water taste).
  • Just like mineral spring water, this filtered water leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean and hair feeling soft.
  • No reverse osmosis required – every faucet, bathtub, shower in the house gets the same clean, healthy water.
  • Easy access to clean water from any tap in the house means a healthier lifestyle is encouraged because drinking water is so readily available.
  • Removes bad smells and taste that comes from chlorine in the water.
  • Effectively controls hard water problems without the use of chemicals.
  • Dissolves existing scale
  • Prevents new scale formations
  • Inhibits corrosion.

Halo 5 gives you total peace of mind that every drop of water flowing through your home is filtered and conditioned by the top whole house water treatment system – all without you having to do a thing – not even remember to change a filter.

This product comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty and requires no maintenance.

No filter changing is required because this system doesn’t use a filter. Instead, Halo 5 uses Multi Reversing Magnetic Fields to condition water. This system uses the highest quality components, including two great carbons: GAC, which is the best way to remove chlorine and other contaminants, and Centaur which works well with free chlorine.

Instead of worrying about filters, this system automatically backwashes once a week to reset the system. This happens without you doing anything and won’t affect what is coming out of your taps.

Never worry about your water again with this maintenance free, lifetime product!

How Does A Water Softener Compare To A Whole House Water Filter?

The Halo 5 is a far superior solution. Some softeners are comparably priced with the Halo 5, but there are many that are actually more expensive. Even worse, water softeners are a less effective way to address hard water and add MORE contaminants into the household water supplies and the environment.