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The Highest-Rated Air Filter You Can Buy

The Home Air Filter Solution For Southern California Homeowners


Some homeowners simply don’t want to compromise when it comes to the quality of the air they breathe in their homes.

We don’t blame them – in fact, we agree. When it comes to the health and safety of your air, why settle for less than the best?

That’s why we include the Pure Air Filter as one of our indoor air quality products. This filter isn’t your average HVAC air filter.

The Pure Air Filter includes a MERV 16 media filter, one of the strongest on the market, and a UVA lamp.

  • As California’s leading heating and air conditioning provider, we’ve worked with thousands of families to bring the cleanest air possible through their central air systems.
  • Our teams of experts have mastered the methods that ensure perfect air conditioning and designing to fit the lifestyle of your home.
  • We will introduce an air cleaning system that will positively change the way you experience indoor air quality.


There’s something that sets the Pure Air Filter apart and that’s UV technology. UV lights have been used to purify water, hard surfaces, and now your indoor air.

This is the same type of technology used in the Air Scrubber, Biocide Chamber, and Bioguard Filtration System.

Choosing the Pure Air System for your home:

  • Elevates – health and home comfort of everyone inside
  • Every home and family can benefit greatly from a pure air filtration system.
  • Dramatically reduces odors and vapors – creating the purest air possible for your home.

How To Choose A HVAC Company:

Ask your heating company these questions to make sure you are making the smartest decision for you and your family:

EVERY one of our technicians undergoes 150 hours of training EVERY year with a master technician

Yes! In fact, we have 9 WRITTEN commitments to you. These “Peace of Mind” Guarantees are our iron-clad promises to you that we always meet or exceed expectations. Learn more about them here.

Our technicians are not only screened and background-checked, but we only hire the kind of people not only willing to do ‘Good Deeds For Free,’ but who actually WANT to do them and enjoy the satisfaction of helping others.

We realize that most homeowners’ biggest fears are when a contractor works in the home, they will make a mess and destroy their property. We can guarantee you that we will leave your home BETTER than we found it or we will pay for a cleaning service to come to your home and clean it in its entirety.

The price we quote is the price you pay. We don’t give you any ‘lovely’ surprises in the form of additional costs or expenses.


Not all air filters are created equal. We have the MERV system to prove this.

HVAC air filters are given a rating, between 1 and 16. A filter’s rating goes up or down depending on its strength. Filters with a 1 rating are unable to catch small particles, while filters with a MERV rating of 16 can catch microscopic airborne contaminates.

The Pure Air Filtration System is composed of a pleated air filter with a MERV 16 rating.

  • MERV stands for ‘Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value.
  • It measures how effectively a filter removes particles from the air.
  • The scale ranges from 1 to 16, with 16 being the most efficient an air filter can be.


HVAC air filters have two important jobs. One is to keep dust from collecting in the HVAC system itself. This helps the system stay clean and work efficiently.

The second job is to remove airborne contaminates from your treated air to keep you, and your family, healthy.

A Pure Air Filter combats physical particles in the air as well as tiny airborne particles that are too small for the human eye to see – like chemicals and odors.

  • This Pure Air Filter is absolutely meticulous in capturing airborne particles, preventing them from further circulating throughout your home.
  • The Pure Air Filter contains two UV lights and a unique technology design that equips it to wipe out microbiological growth and prevent reproduction.
  • The UV lights work with the PCO (photo-catalytic oxidation) Cell to attack and dismember micro-particles such as harmful vapors, strong odors, and other airborne pieces too small to be caught by the filter.

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