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Pure Air Filter

The Highest-Rated Air Filter You Can Buy

The Home Air Filter Solution For Southern California Homeowners

Some homeowners simply don’t want to compromise when it comes to the quality of the air they breathe in their home.

We don’t blame them - in fact, we agree. When it comes to the health and safety of your air, why settle for less than the best?

As California’s leading heating and air conditioning provider, we’ve worked with thousands of families to bring the cleanest air possible through their central air systems.

Our teams of experts have mastered the methods that ensure perfect air conditioning and designing to fit the lifestyle of your home. Now, we introduce to you an air cleaning system that will further change the way you experience indoor air quality for the best.

Highest ‘MERV’ Rating You Can Get - No ‘FINER’ Filter

The Pure Air Filtration System is composed of a pleated air filter with a MERV 16 rating. MERV stands for ‘Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value’ and measures how effectively a filter removes particles from the air. The scale ranges from 1 to 16, with 16 being the most efficient an air filter can be!

This Pure Air System is absolutely meticulous in capturing airborne particles, preventing them from further circulating throughout your home. For non-physical particles such as gasses, vapors and odors or micro-particles such as microbiological growth and bacteria, two additional cleaning agents are included in the system:

1. The UV lights work with the PCO Cell to attack and dismember micro-particles such as harmful vapors, strong odors and other airborne pieces too small to be caught by the filter.

The Pure Air System contains two UV lights and a unique technology design that equips it to wipe out microbiological growth and prevent reproduction. Central air systems that do not have any type of UV lamps set up inside of its furnace’s evaporator coils are at high risk of microbiological growth. Air conditioning results in condensation, which encourages mildew and microbiological growth that can find their way into your home’s airflow.

2. The PCO cell is an acronym for photo-catalytic oxidation which describes the process of how it manages to neutralize gasses, odors and micro-particles. When these tiny particles pass through the UV lamps and PCO cell, it breaks them down into carbon, oxygen and moisture, stripping them of harmful qualities. What results is clean and protected air for you to breathe inside of your house.

The Benefits of a Pure Air Purifier

Choosing the Pure Air System for your home makes a tremendous difference by elevating levels of home comfort and indoor air quality.

Every home and family can benefit greatly from a pure air filtration system. Particularly for households with pets or indoor smokers, the Pure Air System strains out pet odors and tobacco smoke, reducing the irritable indoor air.

More You Should Know About A Pure Air System:
  • Is Easy To Use – Works Automatically Every Time You Use Your Central Air
  • Is Low Maintenance – Individual Parts Need To Be Replaced Only Once A Year Or Every Two Years, Depending On The Part.
  • Dramatically Reduces Odors And Vapors – Creating The Purest Air Possible For Your Home.
  • Elevates – Health And Home Comfort Of Everyone Inside
  • Quality – Built With The Highest Quality Of Parts And Technology Available, Making It A Reliable Addition To Your Central Air System
Choosing Pure Air with Service Champions

The Pure Air System serviced by Service Champions is the smart choice for those who want the best in-home air-quality.

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