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13-Step PureFlow PROCESS

13-Step PureFlow Process

Watch our 13-Step PureFlow Process


Here Are Descriptions of Each Step

Step 1

On-site analysis of your HVAC system, current duct system, and home design.

Step 2

Heating and cooling calculations and measurements will be taken. Your new PureflowSM system is designed by a certified Indoor Air Quality Specialist.

Step 3

Your home will be prepared and protected with drop cloths, and your existing ductwork will be bagged and sealed.

Step 4

The inner barrier of the duct is pulled over the metal connector, and secured with a high-tension draw band.

Step 5

A coat of fiber-reinforced sealant is applied to the joint, followed by a layer of mesh tape. Another coat of sealant is then applied over the mesh tape.

Step 6

The gold-certified formaldehyde-free insulation and the outer reflective radiant and vapor barrier are pulled over the sealed connection and secured with a draw band.

Step 7

All seams on the metal connections are then sealed with the fiber-reinforced sealant.

Step 8

Additional foil backed insulation is added over any exposed metal ensuring the temperature and humidity in your attic doesn’t affect the air coming into your home.

Step 9

Adjustable airflow dampers will be installed in your duct system for proper air balancing.

Step 10 & 11

Every airflow supply connection is sealed with a high pressure material and new adjustable multi-directional air registers are installed for proper air distribution.

Step 12

A duct air balance is performed to ensure that every room in the home gets balanced heating and cooling.

Step 13

Duct pressure test is performed by a third party to ensure duct tightness and energy savings compliance.