Hornet’s Nest No Match For Andrew!

When Service Champions technician Andrew arrived at a customer’s home in Fountain Valley, he noticed a hornet’s nest about 25 feet up, right at the peak of the house, directly above the front door.

When he pointed it out to the customer, she was understandably alarmed. She also must have known Service Champions’ reputation for doing Good Deeds For Free, because she asked Andrew if he’d be willing to remove it.

Not just willing to do it—happy to do it!

Andrew sprang into action. First, he grabbed a 20-foot ladder and climbed as close to the nest as he dared. Then he got some wasp spray from the customer and gave it a blast. When the last wasp was gone, he removed the nest and threw it in the trash.

And in the spirit of “leaving your home cleaner than we found it,” Andrew got back up on the ladder and cleaned the wasp spray off the house.

The customer was thrilled, relieved, and very appreciative.

So happy, in fact, she asked Andrew to do one other small favor for her.

She wanted to switch her Thanksgiving decorative flag to a Christmas one. You know, since the ladder was already out…

She barely got the words out before Andrew was in motion again. This “bonus” good deed only took a couple of minutes to complete, but put a really big smile on the customer’s face.

That’s what you call “Two Good Deeds For The Price of One—FREE!”

Thanks Andrew!