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Service Champions provides Alhambra homes with the best heating and air conditioning. Temperatures there typically hover between 46 degrees Fahrenheit and 88 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, so it’s a good idea to make sure your central air system is in peak condition!  

As the city’s premier HVAC contractor, Service Champions technicians lead the way in heating and air conditioning repairs, maintenance, tune-ups, sales, and installations. With exceptional customer service and expert technical care, everything from Alhambra AC maintenance to repairs and installations is trusted to Service Champions.

Keep Your Central Air System In Perfect Condition

Your Alhambra central air system deserves the care and attention needed for it to last as long as possible. Furnaces and air conditioners that lack maintenance often exhibit similar symptoms of neglect.

These signs include:

  • Low air conditioning quality due to inadequate refrigerant supply.
  • Poor indoor air quality from dirty filters.
  • System shut down tripped from faulty electrical work or motors.
  • Microbiological growth caused by stagnant water from dirty drip pans and evaporator coils.

These problems can be eliminated with the help of your preferred HVAC contractor, but if left untreated, can cause serious harm. Alhambra AC maintenance with Service Champions is the superior choice for maintenance care.

5 Questions Every Alhambra Homeowner Should Make Sure To Ask Their HVAC Company

Yes. We know that entering your home is a privilege, and we do our utmost to make sure that every single one of our technicians is someone you would be happy to welcome into your home. Our hiring process includes extensive background checks and drug screenings.

We have an initial training course that is around 8-10 hours. We also make it mandatory for every one of our technicians to train for a minimum of 150 hours a year.

We have EIGHT rock-solid guarantees – and they are all written clearly with no confusing language. Read about them here.

There’s an easy way to do that,  just look up our Google Reviews – there are thousands of them!

We know how frustrating it is to be duped by a company that promises you a great price. That’s why we are extremely careful to NEVER change the original price that we quote you.

Service Champions Gets It Right - Every Time

Here’s how:

  • Our vehicles are always fully stocked.
  • We have 8 rock-solid guarantees for your peace of mind.
  • The price we quote is the price you pay – period.
  • We have the World’s Friendliest Technicians who do good deeds for free!

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