“How Am I Going To Get This Done… And Who Will Install This?”

When Service Champions technician Wes saw the live wires hanging from the ceiling, he immediately recognized an opportunity to help.

He had entered the Montclair home to complete a standard tune-up and that’s when he noticed them. There were no wire nets or anything else – just exposed wire.

When Wes asked the customer about it, he explained that there had been a smoke alarm there, but it malfunctioned constantly and would wake both he and his wife up all the time.

His wife was a nurse and had to rise early to be to work on time. This lack of sleep was driving her crazy and she finally took matters into her own hands. The alarm was hardwired so it got ripped out!

The homeowner didn’t have a new alarm that Wes could install right then, but as it happened the service Wes was performing would require a return trip anyway.

“I’ll tell you what. If you pick a smoke alarm before I return, I’ll install the new one for you,” Wes told him.

Sure enough, when Wes returned for the service at the scheduled time, the customer had a new smoke detector ready to install.

Wes had grown-up the son of a contractor dad and he knew his way around home projects. He had the whole job done in about 10 minutes! The customer was amazed and happy he wouldn’t have to hire someone to fix it.

“I kept thinking ‘How am I going to get this done and who will install this?’” the customer told Wes.

Wes polished off this Good Deed in fine fashion, sweeping up underneath where he had installed the new smoke alarm.

Great job Wes! A Good Deed, a safer home, and it was a nice touch to clean up after, too!