What is asbestos abatement and should I schedule removal?

If your home was built in the 70s or earlier, there is a good chance that your attic has asbestos insulation. Asbestos is a material commonly used to insulate homes with heat. Now more popularly known for its dangers, most modern homes are insulated with alternative materials. If your home contains asbestos, consider having it removed to protect your health and indoor air quality.

Asbestos Duct That We Found

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a material made of tiny fibers. Usually white in color, the individual fiber is so small it is virtually invisible to the naked eye. Asbestos was widely used in homes in the 70s to insulate water pipes, air ducts, ceiling acoustics, mastics and laminate flooring.

Asbestos is found in homes that have only a heating system because it did such a great job insulating heat. Its dangers were first discovered when asbestos was used with air conditioning.

Dangers of Asbestos

When air ducts were covered with asbestos insulation, air conditioning would cause the duct to condensate. The asbestos material would soak up the water, break apart, rust and corrode. This allowed fibers to freely enter the air supply.

Asbestos is dangerous because of the size of the fibers themselves. Not only are they tiny, but they also splinter in different directions. When a person breathes them in, the fiber embeds itself into the lung tissue. With time, enough exposure to asbestos would lead to asbestosis.

Asbestos Removal

The only true alternative to asbestos is abatement. Having it removed avoids the dangers of asbestos entering into your breathing air supply.

You can find a company certified to remove asbestos. These technicians set up containment areas. They wear protective gear and goggles and use an air filtration system to purify the air during the removal process.

Be wary of some companies who do not do a full removal. Many contractors only remove the asbestos ductwork and leave the vent boot behind. This leaves behind plenty of asbestos in your home.

Also know that the homeowner is the permanent owner of the asbestos. When you have it removed, it is logged exactly how much was harvested from the home and what happened to it afterward, including the address of the landfill.

Service Champions for Honest HVAC Service

Though Service Champions does not directly perform asbestos abatement, we have a separate team that handles all asbestos problems.

Our team is certified for proper asbestos abatement. You can trust that our team does a thorough job to ensure that no bit of asbestos is left behind.

We have the vent boot stripped down along with the ducts. Areas are scrubbed free of asbestos and collected. The area is then sealed with a special coating so that whatever could not be removed or seen is frozen into one place.

You can trust in the Service Champions name that your asbestos abatement will reach our gold standard. With the same technical expertise and warm customer service, your home is in good hands. For more information on your asbestos abatement, contact one of our helpful representatives in our call center.

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