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Service Champions air conditioning technicians are always available for Montclair families. As the preferred heating and air conditioning contractor, we provide friendly service right from our call centers all the way to the experts visiting your home.

Air pollution is rampant in Montclair, even more than in the rest of the United States. Service Champions can help you mitigate the negative effects of breathing contaminated air by installing a top of the line air filtration system in your home.

Our specialists want to provide you with exceptional care for your air conditioner and furnace. In fact, Montclair air conditioning maintenance saves you utility costs and prevents replacements while extending the lifespan of your central air system. Plus, with our selection of air purification agents, you can enjoy the benefits of high quality indoor air anytime of the year.

Complete Heating And Cooling Care

Your central air system is complex, working at full throttle to condition air the way you want. But when central air systems lack the maintenance they need, several problems may crop up. Commonly, we find:

  • Low refrigerant levels cause poorly conditioned air.
  • Dirty filters cannot strain irritants out of airflow.
  • Motors burn out and electrical wiring malfunctions shut down the system altogether.
  • Flooded drip pans allow for microbiological growth.

When neglected, these conditions cause damage and compromise efficiency, resulting in poor air conditioning. The good news is that with the help of a Service Champions technician, these issues are easily fixed.

Montclair Homeowners - Make Sure To Ask These 5 Questions Before Hiring An HVAC Company

We are very choosy about what kind of people we hire. All our technicians are comprehensively screened and back-ground checked – and they still won’t become part of the Service Champions team unless they have the friendly disposition we are looking for.

We have an initial training – which is an intense 8-10 hour training course. Additionally, we require all our technicians to train for 150 hours PER YEAR.

Our guarantees were created with YOU in mind. Read about them here.

There’s an easy way to do that,  just look up our Google Reviews – they are overwhelmingly positive.

Service Champions Delivers Outstanding Service

Here’s how:

  • We are NEVER missing any tool or equipment that we need.
  • We have EIGHT rock-solid guarantees that actually do more than look pretty.
  • The price we quote is the price you pay – period.
  • Here’s the clincher…our technicians are the world’s friendliest – who do good deeds for free!

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