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Good Deeds & Friendly Conversation

Good Deeds & Friendly Conversation
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July 29, 2016
Good Deeds & Friendly Conversation
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Good Deeds & Friendly Conversation

Good Deeds & Friendly Conversation

067 Hannah Cleaning Benches 0713 Main - Good Deeds & Friendly Conversation

The customer at the La Mirada home had a question. Could the technicians help her by cleaning off benches on her patio? She wanted to sit there and watch them work.

Service Champions technicians Joe and Mike told her that would be no problem at all.

“We hosed them down, wiped them down, dried them off, and cleaned them with coil cleaner,” Joe said.

Then as Joe and Mike worked on the condenser next to her patio, they all enjoyed some pleasant conversation during the tune-up.

“It was nice,” Joe said. “She came and hung out with us the whole time.”

Once the tune-up was complete, she asked if they could help her out with one other thing. Would they be able to move this table and benches to the other side of the house? She had the perfect spot picked out.

Of course they would!

Joe said it was a great experience. “She was just super happy to have someone help and she enjoyed talking with us.”

Joe and Mike, thanks for once again demonstrating the friendly spirit of ‘Good Deeds For Free’!

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