Rave Review For Service Champions And This Good Deed For Free

If Service Champions technician Miguel comes to your home on a service call, at some point you’ll hear, “Is there anything I could do around the house for you?”

“That’s my ‘go-to’ line to find out if there is something I can help out with,” Miguel said.

So when Miguel was on a service call in San Dimas he asked the homeowner exactly that. At the time, the customer politely declined. But apparently the offer stuck in this homeowner’s mind.

A few months later, Miguel returned to install a bioguard for the same customer and the homeowner was ready for a Good Deed this time!

“You know, I remembered you asked me if you could help me with anything,” the homeowner said. “I actually do have something that would be a big help to me.”

He explained that his irrigation system needed a PVC line with a shut-off valve. He had all the materials. He also said he had the knowledge to do it himself, but his back and knee problems would make this task very challenging for him.

“No problem,” Miguel told him. Miguel’s experience with PVC lines for central air systems made this a “piece of cake” for him. With his experience, the whole thing took about 15 minutes.

Afterward, the customer was very grateful and Miguel found out that this was the 3rd time he had called Service Champions to have work done and he was already a HUGE fan of the company.

“It was great,” Miguel said. “He was a very nice man from Tennessee originally and he couldn’t stop talking about how great our company is.”

Miguel, way to go. You took an already happy customer and turned him into a raving fan with your Good Deed For Free!