How to Keep Your Air Conditioning Units Energy Efficient

As air conditioning units grow older and are used more, energy efficiency can become a serious issue. Energy efficiency is always a concern for homeowners who have central air systems. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways homeowners can help themselves save.

Log Your Usage Patterns

Air conditioning units are very smart systems. They are designed to work within the environment of your home. However, many homeowners make the mistake of thinking air conditioning units are indestructible and misuse them.

Though homeowners may not intentionally be demanding, air conditioning units receive information that way. To see exactly what you are asking of your central air, track your usage habits.

  • When are you asking for air conditioning? What time?
  • What is the thermostat set at and how hot is the house right now?
  • How long do you give the central air before you lower the thermostat?
  • How often is the air conditioning unit running? For how long?

Just a few days of journaling will provide the information necessary to figure out how you use your central air.

Treat Air Conditioning Units with Care

Because air conditioning units do so much for our homes, it is essential that they also receive the care necessary to continue to work. Some air conditioning units go for years before a repair is finally needed. Even so, early treatment could have avoided that in the first place.

Energy efficiency does not simply happen. Air conditioning units require adjustments, care and treatment to continue to stay as energy efficient as they were when they were brand new.

Treating air conditioning units with care means:

  • Cleaning the air vents and registers
  • Replacing the air filter regularly
  • Managing heat load inside the home
  • Scheduling AC maintenance at least twice a year
  • Fixing needed repairs as soon as they occur

Call for Professional Help

Homeowners may think that by skipping out on professional help, they save money. This is untrue. Though there are costs to having an HVAC contractor care for air conditioning units, the cost of avoiding them is far greater.

Air conditioning units are expensive to buy and install. Protecting their value through maintenance is far more cost effective than having to replace the system early.

Your HVAC specialist wants to help. Air conditioning units make your home the best place for you and your family.

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