“You Guys Are Such Champions”

Some of our Good Deeds are short and sweet. But it is those little, everyday acts of kindness that our customers really appreciate.

Such was the case when Service Champions technicians Duron and Austin were at a Riverside home. They were outside gathering the equipment and tools they needed to complete a tune-up, when the wife of the house pulled up and started carrying in groceries.

Duron and Austin noticed there were still bags left in the car, and they aren’t the types to let a potential Good Deed For Free pass them by! They grabbed the rest of the bags from the trunk and brought them in.

“Oh my gosh! Thank you!” she said. “You guys are such champions!” (We like it when we live up to our name!).

The husband was in the kitchen now, too. Duron told them about Good Deeds For Free. “It’s part of our company culture to look for little extra ways to help out.”

Of course, this Good Deed didn’t take long, proving that two minutes really can make someone’s day.

Duron and Austin went on to complete the tune-up. The husband hung out with them and they talked music. He could play piano, and Duron is a saxophone player.

The customer thought it was cool that Duron was a sax guy.  “Aw man, the saxophone,” he said with a smile.

They went on to talk about air conditioning and a bunch of other topics.

“Just a real nice couple and they seemed to really like that we liked to help and we really enjoyed talking,” Duron said. “It feels good just to do little stuff like that. You don’t know how somebody’s day might be going, and you might just be giving them the lift they need.”

Excellent Good Deed For Free, Duron and Austin!

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