Technician Gets The Screens Back In Place

Service Champions Technician Wesley was at a home in Yorba Linda for a tune-up. Before he could complete it, Wesley was on a hunt for the termination point of the condensate line. Like all Service Champions technicians, Wesley is trained to be thorough and safe!

As Wesley put it, “I don’t want to put compressed gas in there until I know exactly where it’s going.”

The search took Wesley through the house, and the house was in a bit of chaos at the moment. Besides the husband, wife, two rambunctious boys, a dog, and a cat, the house itself had recently suffered water damage. They were putting in new floors, had other construction going on, and were getting the electrical work done, too!

As part of his search, Wesley stuck his head out a window and looked in the side yard for the termination point. He was blocked from seeing anything because they had lots of Rubbermaid boxes stored out there while the work continued on the house.

The screen was already off the window from prior work, and the homeowner told him he could just step through the window if he needed to access the side yard.

Wesley did, and found the termination point he needed. Good to go.

Wesley also noticed another window without a screen.

“Do you want me to put those screens back on?” Wesley asked.

“That would be great,” she said. “We’ve had trouble putting them back on.”

Wesley put on the first screen, which wasn’t too hard. But then he had to step back through the window and snap the second screen on from the inside. A little tricky, but he finally got it in place.

The homeowner was happy to have the screens in place and have one less pain-in-the-neck chore to do in getting the house back in order.

Great job Wesley… another Good Deed For Free completed!

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