Shaq Attacks The Job The Painter Forgot

Service Champions technician Shaq was at a customer’s home in Santa Ana when he noticed one room in particular. It has recently been painted in a vibrant purple and it stood out!

But it also stood out for a not-so-good reason. The painter had forgot to remount the light switch and outlet plates after the painting was done.

Shaq had learned that his customer had recently been widowed and he thought she might appreciate someone helping her get this fixed.

The customer was very happy with the offer and Shaq got to work. He had all the outlet and light switch plates back in place in less than 10 minutes.

Even though she was a long-time customer of Service Champions and knew about Good Deeds, she still seemed surprised and excited that Shaq had taken care of this!

Shaq, way to go. A few minutes of your time to do a ‘Good Deed For Free’ brought a smile to this homeowner’s face!

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