Our Technician Astounds Customer With A Cake On His Birthday!

Service Champions technician Andrew was scheduled for a service call at a Mission Viejo home. Our dispatch department told him about the job, and they also mentioned that it would be the homeowner’s birthday.

That’s when Andrew hatched his plan. The night before, Andrew picked up a chocolate birthday cake and put it in his fridge. He also grabbed a single birthday candle — one of those that re-lights even after you blow it out!

The next morning, Andrew put the cake in a cooler and drove to the Mission Viejo home. He left the cake in his vehicle and headed to the door.

“Hi, I’m here for your tune-up,” he told the customer. “Oh yeah, and I heard it’s your birthday – Happy Birthday!”

“Yes, it is my birthday,” he said. “So, where’s my cake?”

Andrew quietly smiled to himself. Obviously the customer was joking, be he had no idea he had just hit upon what was actually happening!

Andrew told him he forgot something in his truck. He got the cake and put the candle on top. Once inside, he lit it and went to the kitchen where the customer was making pancakes. The wife was the first to notice what was going on.

She got a big smile, and said, “Honey, turn around. There’s something on the counter for you.”

He. Could. Not. Believe. It!!

“I didn’t see this coming!” he said. The candle that wouldn’t go out got a laugh, too.

The husband and wife couldn’t stop talking about the cake and how surprising it was. They clearly enjoyed that Andrew had been so thoughtful as to put this little party together!

Andrew liked it, too.

“It was good to celebrate a birthday,” Andrew said. “And then to see how surprised and happy he was after getting the cake, it just made it a lot of fun.”

That’s an amazing Good Deed For Free, Andrew! Keep surprising us!

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