Tech Changes A Flat While ‘Off-Duty’… And Earns A Big Hug!

Service Champions service manager Wyatt doesn’t only do Good Deeds when he’s officially “on the job.” He proved that one morning as he was leaving a local gym to come to work.

On this particular day, after finishing his workout at LA Fitness, he walked toward his Service Champions van. A woman approached him and she was very upset.

“She was a little freaked out,” Wyatt said. “She had a flat tire and felt helpless because she had no idea how to fix it. On top of that, she was going to visit family after a recent death and really needed to get there.”

She had zeroed in on Wyatt as someone who might be able to help her. She had spotted his Service Champions truck and figured he was probably pretty handy.

She was right about that, and Wyatt knew how to change a tire. He used to do it for his sisters and mom as a teenager.

The only problem was, the woman didn’t have any tools in her gray Corolla, and Wyatt didn’t have the necessary tools either. Some might have used that as an excuse not to help, but it didn’t stop Wyatt.

He returned to LA Fitness and talked an employee into using the announcement system to ask the entire gym if anyone had tools for changing a flat tire!

A fellow gym member stepped forward, went to his car, and loaned Wyatt the tools he needed. Wyatt was about to change the tire, but first he noticed the woman was cold on this chilly morning. So before he got started, he loaned her his work jacket, pulled his van up next to her car, and put the heater on for her.

She sat in the warm van and cracked the window so she could talk to Wyatt as he worked. That was extra nice, Wyatt!

Wyatt had the tire changed in no time flat, and the woman was thrilled and relieved to have it done. He went to shake her hand, but a handshake was not going to be enough… she was so happy she spontaneously hugged Wyatt!

That’s a wonderful Good Deed For Free, Wyatt. You really went the extra mile!!

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