What to Know Before You Buy an Air Condition Unit

Buying a new air condition unit can be an exciting process. With so many new choices, you can expect high quality air conditioning for your home. Yet, for the same reason there can be many mistakes homeowners make without knowing.

Each air condition unit should match the size of your home.

Air condition units come in all different sizes from all different brands. Though some are more reputable than others, the air condition unit you choose for your home should be the proper size. When an air condition unit is either too big or small, a great deal of energy is wasted.

Your air condition specialist knows exactly how to calculate the size of the air condition unit needed. In fact, he or she may also consider other aspects of the home such as the architecture, windows and surroundings

A portable unit can use more energy than a central air condition unit.

If you are alone in a large home or consistently need air conditioning in only a confined area of the home, a portable unit may be the smarter decision. However, portable units only cost less energy if used less. Attempt to cool large areas at once and it will undoubtedly cost much more energy than a central air system.

If costs are your worry, there are many ways to avoid a high utility bill while still using a central air system.  This includes:

  • Sealing gaps and holes in windows and doors
  • Using drapes or curtains to cover windows
  • Managing heat load inside the home while out

The thermostat matters.

Because thermostats wear out like any other part of your air condition unit, they go bad with time and use.

It is a smart idea to replace the thermostat unless you have the tools to clean them. Even so, many smart thermostats are available and relatively easy to install yourself. These modern thermostats provide more accurate temperature readings and settings, allowing a greater degree of control.

AC maintenance is the best deal.

No matter how amazing your new air condition unit may be it can become nothing without air condition maintenance.

AC maintenance protects the air condition unit from damages and early repair. Your AC specialist restores the cleanliness, health, safety and efficiency of the air condition unit in one visit. He or she recommends any and all needed repairs before they become larger issues.  This keeps the quality of your air conditioning in top shape.

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