With A Classic Car On Fire, Our Technician Stops To Put It Out

Service Champion technician Brett was traveling through Huntington Beach on his way to another service call when he saw a plume of dense black smoke just over a little hill.

“I knew there was an intersection near where I saw the smoke,” Brett said. “And then I came up over the hill and there was a car at the intersection on fire.”

Brett didn’t hesitate. He pulled over, grabbed his fire extinguisher from his Service Champions vehicle and ran to the fire.

“It was so hot the front tires exploded from the heat,” Brett said. “It was really loud.”

Still, Brett saw the fire was still mostly confined to the engine area and decided to try and put it out before it spread.

“I could hear sirens in the distance so I knew help was coming,” Brett said. “And another guy who had a fire extinguisher stopped and started helping me spray it, too.”

With two extinguishers going, they were able to get the fire out. The fire department arrived and sprayed the whole engine down with water.

Thankfully the owner got out in time and was safe. But he did have to watch helplessly from the sidewalk while his car was on fire.

“He told me he had just got it back refurbished and restored a couple of weeks ago,” Brett said. “I felt bad for him.”

Still, he was grateful and thanked Brett for putting out the fire, saving what could be saved, and making sure things didn’t get worse.

Brett, thanks for your willingness to spring into action and perform a selfless Good Deed For Free!