Quick Action By Tech Helps Shut Off Water Main

Service Champions technician David had just finished a tune-up at a West Covina home and was in his truck getting ready to leave.

All of a sudden he saw water squirting up out of the yard of the home where he had just completed the tune-up. David jumped out of his truck to investigate and found one of the homeowners very flustered.

“It was freaking him out because all this water was shooting up like a geyser,” David said. “It wasn’t just a small leak.”

This homeowner had been digging a trench in the yard and he hit part of the sprinkler system. With all that water being wasted, David knew they had to find the water main shut-off quickly.

The first problem was the homeowner wasn’t sure where it was. David went searching with him and they were able to locate it. But then they had another problem.

“The lever for the water main had rusted and broken off,” David said. “He didn’t have tools that would shut it off, so I ran to my truck and grabbed what I needed and helped him get the water shut off.”

Whew! Now that the water was stopped, the situation felt more under control. But David wasn’t done with this Good Deed For Free just yet.

David had some extra PVC in his truck and realized he could use it to help the homeowner cap the broken sprinkler. It wouldn’t be a permanent solution, but it would allow the water main to be turned back on without water spurting out.

David was able to rig up a cap that would work, so the home could have water until the homeowner could permanently fix the sprinkler system.

The homeowner was very grateful for David’s quick action and his help in getting the water stopped. Every minute that the water kept shooting out was more money being wasted on his water bill.

David, thanks for your fast response and being willing to go the extra mile by patching the breach. That’s a terrific Good Deed For Free!