This Good Deed Turned Out To Be Simple… But Saved Our Client Money!

Sometimes when a technician does a Good Deed For Free, what looked to be a big problem turns out to be pretty simple but still ends up saving our client a lot of time and money.

That happened when Service Champions technicians Miguel was at a Placentia home performing a tune-up.

“We were outside cleaning a unit,” Miguel said. “We plugged in a vacuum and found out none of the power outlets outside were working.”

Miguel says he’s not an expert electrician, but he figured he might know enough to figure out what was going on. He approached the homeowner and asked for permission to check out the breaker panel.

Sure, he was told – if he could do anything that would be great.

Miguel didn’t see any breakers in the off position, so he used his multimeter to determine which breaker didn’t have electricity going to it.

“That’s when I realized that one of the breakers looked like it was in the on position, but it wasn’t fully on,” Miguel said. “So, I flipped it off, then flipped it back on and that did it.”

And just like that, the outside outlets had juice again.

The homeowner was thrilled. Now he would not have to pay for an electrician to come diagnose the problem. Having the power restored at no expense made him happy and earned our technicians a big thanks.Miguel, thanks for that problem-solving Good Deed For Free!