Why Is Everyone So Surprised This Technician Brought Flowers For His Client’s Birthday?

Service Champions technician Frank was scheduled to go on a service call and was told by the dispatcher that it was his client’s birthday the next day.

Frank saw an opportunity for a sweet Good Deed For Free.

“I went to the florist and they were having a 2 for 1 special on carnations, so I decided to double down and get twice as many flowers,” Frank said.

The florist couldn’t believe an AC technician was going to the trouble of getting flowers for his client’s birthday.

Frank showed up to the home with the pink carnations and it was a big hit. The homeowner was happy and gave Frank a hug.

The client had a friend over visiting, and she couldn’t believe an AC technician had thought of doing this for a homeowner either.

Wait, you mean every company doesn’t treat its clients this way? Well they ought to!

Frank, thanks for going the extra mile with a really nice Good Deed For Free!