Homeowner Says He Needs To Hire Someone To Put Together Air Hockey Table. Technician Says, “No You Don’t!”

Service Champions technician Ivan was at a home in Yorba Linda working on a tune-up and he kept going around a huge box in the garage.

Ivan finally asked about it.

“I see this box here with an air hockey table,” Ivan said. “What are you going to do with that?”

“Oh, that’s going to go in my game room,” the man explained. “But first I need to hire someone to move it and assemble it.

“What?” Ivan said. “No, you don’t need to hire anyone. I’m here. I can do that.”

At first the man objected, but Ivan pointed to his company vehicle with the “Good Deeds For Free” painted on it. “This is a Good Deed For Free I can do for you.”

The man agreed and Ivan got a dolly and wheeled the heavy box inside to the game room.

It was heavy and had a lot of parts and screws, but Ivan had it altogether quickly enough.

There was just one problem. The air hockey table had to be assembled upside down, but you have to be very careful to flip it over without damaging the legs. At well over 100 pounds, this wasn’t going to be easy.

But Ivan had a solution. This service call had required a manager to look at special problem and Ivan knew the manager was on his way. He decided to wait.

Once the manager was there, he and Ivan flipped the table into place.

And, of course, they had to test it out. They got the owner involved in a game, too!

The man was thrilled he didn’t have to hire anyone and that the air hockey table was already up and in the center of his game room.

Ivan is already looking forward to the next time the homeowner calls for service – he wants to find time for a game of air hockey while he’s there!

Ivan, way to take on that heavy project – that’s an excellent Good Deed For Free!