Technician Sees Cyclist Take A Serious Spill And Stops To Give First-Aid

Service Champions technician Joe was driving on a road in Orange and was passing 3 cyclists. Just as he was passing them, one of them went flying through the air.

“He had hit a rock and went about 10 to 15 feet in the air,” Joe said. “He landed on his face and then slid on his side. It was scary looking.”

Joe immediately pulled over to see if he could help. He brought out his drop cloth and he and the other 2 cyclists used it under the injured biker to help him be more comfortable.

“While we waited for the paramedics, I grabbed my first aid kit and some towels,” Joe said. “I helped them clean him up as best we could – he was bleeding pretty good.”

Joe grabbed some water for the injured biker, too, and then soon after the paramedics arrived. After the man was loaded in the ambulance, his two friends asked Joe for one more bit of assistance.

Joe made some room in his truck for the bike that was in the accident, and then drove it to a meeting point where he waited for the two bikers to arrive and take their friend’s bike.

Joe, thanks for being a Good Deeds For Free Samaritan and stopping for someone in need!