What’s Holding Back Your Central Air Conditioner?

At the very beginning, the central air conditioner is everything homeowners want. With time and use, central air conditioners slowly start to fall apart. What’s changed and what can be done to restore your home comfort?

A Dirty Air Filter Slows the Central Air Conditioner

Air filters are very important to central air conditioners. Not only do air filters keep indoor air clean, they protect the central air conditioner system from trouble.

With a proper air filter, the central air conditioner is smooth, efficient and free of internal buildup. Without a proper air filter, dirty, microbiological growth and other debris collect inside. They grow over important parts, block airflow, contaminate the home and slowly damage the central air conditioner.

Homeowners are encouraged to change the air filters to their central air conditioner at least twice a year.

Lack of Maintenance for the Central Air Conditioner

Central air conditioners require maintenance. Without it, the central air conditioner system suffers many negative conditions.

Homeowners may find that their central air conditioner is less efficient with energy and that it doesn’t respond the way it did in the past. They may also note that the central air conditioner is noisy and smelly, and that air is not as cool or warm as wanted.

Maintenance is used as preventative treatment. In fact, with regular HVAC maintenance, homeowners can effectively avoid 90 percent of expensive repairs and permanent damages. These appointments give technicians the chance to fix problems before they set into serious damages. Even with advanced HVAC technology, maintenance is the easiest and most effective treatment in preserving the health of your central air conditioner.

Procrastinating on Repairs for the Central Air Conditioner

When homeowners procrastinate on repairs, it’s the central air conditioner that takes the hit. One part of the central air conditioner relies on the other for proper operation. When one part is in need of repair, it doubles stress on the other, causing greater wear, higher energy spending and lesser service quality.

These types of central air conditioner repairs include:

  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Condenser problems
  • Air duct leaks
  • Sticky heat exchangers
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Broken condensate lines
  • Burnt motors and fans

To keep your central air conditioner in top shape, have repairs done as soon as they are needed. In addition, keeping appointments with your HVAC technician helps protect your central air conditioner from damages that call for an entire system replacement.

Avoid procrastinating on central air conditioner repairs for better home comfort, air conditioning and savings.

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