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Some homeowners may find that home is not as comfortable as it used to be. Fortunately, you need not look much further to restore comfort and relief. Heating and air conditioning can do more than just cool the air in your home. The central air system also cleans and purifies home air. Just call your HVAC contractor for help.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance Early

We spend the majority of our time at home. While many people may think that home is safer than outdoors for clean air, this isn’t necessarily true. In fact, indoor air can have more allergens than outdoor air. As a result, HVAC maintenance is crucial.

Air conditioner maintenance results in a clean central air system, which results in clean indoor air.

During the air conditioner maintenance, your HVAC contractor:

  • Replaces or cleans the air filter
  • Scrubs down the air conditioner, inside and out
  • Rinses and removes any buildup
  • Resets meters and pressure settings for accurate performance
  • Runs tests for ensured safety
  • Evaluates system for total efficiency

Once the HVAC maintenance is complete, homeowners know that air conditioning is clean, efficient and reliable.

Set Up HVAC Humidifiers

Dry air causes more problems than just discomfort. It can ruin home furnishings, aggravate allergies and dehydrate overall health.

If your home is prone to dry air, it may be time to consider a central humidifier. Chronic dry air manipulates the temperature quite seriously. This means that though air is measured at 70 degrees, it doesn’t feel like it, whether that’s good or bad. As a result, you may be spending more energy and money on inefficient and inaccurate HVAC.

Central humidifiers work best for the overall home. You can work with your HVAC specialist to determine what humidity level works best for your home and lifestyle.

However, homeowners who need seasonal relief can make do with smaller humidifiers set up in certain areas of the home. Be sure to use clean water and refill as necessary.

Use HVAC Super Filters and Air Cleaning Systems

Air conditioning technology has gotten smarter by the day. Super filters and air cleaning systems can do more than ever before. In fact, these smart systems keep home air pristine and free from a variety of allergens.

This includes

  • Dust and dander
  • Pet hair
  • Bacteria
  • Gasses
  • Vapors

These systems require little added maintenance while removing 99.9 percent of airborne germs and particles. They are the best defense against impurities. Depending on your home, preferences and lifestyle goals, your HVAC contractor helps determine the best fit.

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