Technician Spends The Extra Time To Set-Up Phone System For His Customers

If Service Champions technician Brett comes to your home, he makes a point of asking right away if there is anything he can do as an extra to help them out.

“I just like to let them know right off that I can help them,” Brett said. “Set the tone that I’m there to help and get them thinking of what Good Deed I could do for them.”

At a recent visit to a Mission Viejo home to perform a tune-up, Brett was especially needed.

The homeowners had a new phone system, but couldn’t figure out how to hook it up. This was also a safety issue because the system had a special feature. It allowed the homeowners to wear devices that would send an emergency signal if they needed help but couldn’t reach the phone.

“So when I mentioned ‘Good Deeds For Free’ they asked me if I knew anything about how to wire up a system like this,” Brett said.

Brett could tell the phone system itself would not be too complicated for him. But there was a catch; there weren’t enough free outlets for the cords and phone lines needed.

Luckily, Brett was able to locate an extra power strip they had in the house. He carefully sorted out the wires and got everything plugged in. So far, so good.

But the phones needed three jacks: one each for the 2 new phones plus an extra one for the emergency response field… and there was only one jack.

Again, Brett was able to find what he needed at the house, using a couple of splitters to get everything wired up.

Next, Brett set the time on the phones and made sure everything was in working order. In about 20 minutes, he had put it all together.

“Wow!” the homeowners said. They were very were happy and relieved to have that done and especially thankful to have the emergency response in place.

Brett, thanks for slowing down, figuring out how to get everything wired up – you made a real difference with that Good Deed For Free!

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