This Stubborn Stump Didn’t Want To Come Out, But Our Tech Wasn’t Going to Give Up Easily

Service Champions technician Dean and tech trainee Frank arrived at a Yorba Linda home and the first thing they saw was the homeowner in the front yard sweating. He was wrestling with a tree stump, and it didn’t look like it was going well.

“Frank, how about you go inside and get started. I’m going to see if I can give the client a hand,” Dean said.

Dean just jumped right in and started helping. Later when he talked to the homeowner about it, Dean found out he had been working at removing it for days.

“I stuck my hands in the dirt and just started taking dirt out,” Dean said. “Then we just started yanking on the stump like crazy.”

It took about 25 more minutes of yanking, but the stubborn stump finally broke loose.

“It was nice to see the homeowner once we got it out – he was able to relax,” Dean said. “I think he had been trying for so long that he thought it might never happen.”

Dean chatted with the client for a bit, finding out that the homeowner had cut down the tree himself because it was getting so big it was dwarfing the yard.

By the size of the stump, Dean could tell it had been a good-sized tree.

“He needed to get it out of there so there would be room to plant something else,” Dean said.

The homeowner was super appreciative of the help. “Thank you – I didn’t want to keep working on that for another week!”

Dean explained Good Deeds For Free and joked, “I guess I really got my Good Deed workout for today!”

Way to jump right in and help your customer, Dean – keep those Good Deeds For Free rolling!

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