This Good Deed Was “7 Times” Better Than It Had To Be

What’s the most annoying part of daylight savings time?

Some might say that its having your sleep pattern disrupted, but others would say it’s going around the entire house re-setting every clock to the correct time.

But if you have Service Champions technician Erland visit your home, it’s no problem at all.

After a recent time change, Erland was at an Anaheim home to deliver service for one of our customers.

“It was a few days after, and I happened to notice one of the clocks was not re-set,” Erland said.

“Oh yeah, I haven’t been able to get around to that yet,” she told Erland.

He told her he’d take care of it. Before long, Erland was taking a tour of the home with the customer, going from room-to-room and getting every clock set right. Living room, kitchen, bedrooms, hallways… every room seemed to have another clock that needed changing!

When all was said and done, 7 clocks got re-set to the correct time.

“Of course, it really didn’t take me too long,” Erland said. “But she was super thankful and just couldn’t believe that I was doing it.”

Making this Good Deed For Free especially helpful was that two of the clocks required ladders to reach, but Erland took care of those, too – no problem.

Erland described the client as very nice and said she even gave him some fresh oranges that came off her backyard tree in appreciation.

“We enjoyed talking, too,” Erland said.

Erland, thanks doing that Good Deed For Free – times 7!

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