What is Air Conditioner Maintenance And Why Does Your Central Air System Need It?

Air conditioner maintenance may not be seen as a necessary expense at first. Just the thought of making an appointment with an air conditioning contractor can be annoying. However, at Service Champions, our clients experience unrivaled customer service starting with the first experience with the call center.

Air conditioner maintenance is recommended by all ac contractors and the Department of Energy. Regular maintenance can keep your central air system running efficiently and extend the life of your HVAC system.

Blower motor image. Before and after air conditioner maintenance.

Best Overall Care for the Central Air System

The central air system is not always in the cleanest of places. Part of it sits outside. Part of it is in the attic. Another part of it may be in a stuffy closet. It’s no wonder that it can grow dirty, build up with debris and clog up here and there.

The intensive cleaning provided in air conditioner maintenance:

  • Keeps motors and blowers working efficiently
  • Protects against early decline
  • Ensures proper performance

In addition, your air conditioner contractor inspects each aspect of the central air system, making tweaks here and there as needed. He or she scouts problem areas and solves them early on, saving the trouble and cost of a full repair.

Guards the Indoor Air Quality

Because air constantly circulates through the central air system, anything that lodges itself inside the system can make its way into the home. This includes pollen, pet hair, dander, dust and other debris. With the added presence of water from condensation, microbiological growth is actually quite common.

Not only does a dirty central air system make for poor indoor air, it also forces the air conditioner to work harder. Unfortunately, the air filter can only do so much in straining the air of germs and particles.  This is why air conditioner maintenance emphasizes cleaning.

Homeowners can change the air filter themselves. If you want something more protective, super filters and air cleaning systems are available. They attach conveniently to the central air and work with the air conditioning to clean indoor air. If that isn’t quite your speed, regular air conditioner maintenance can work wonders.

Saves the Costs of Time and Money

Air conditioner maintenance does not need to happen every month. At the bare minimum, it is best twice a year in between major seasons.

During your air conditioner maintenance, AC contractors have the opportunity to identify specific weaknesses and problem areas. As a result, your central air system receives personalized care.

By avoiding permanent damages and costly repairs, you avoid the hassle of prolonged HVAC visits.

Service Champions for Total Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air conditioner maintenance is the single best decision any homeowner can make for the central air system. At Service Champions, our technicians deliver exceptional AC maintenance by restoring system efficiency, cleanliness, safety and performance quality.

Supported by our Peace of Mind Guarantee, we are confident that our air conditioner maintenance will reach your total satisfaction.

To care for your central air with the best, speak to one of our helpful representatives in our call center or schedule an appointment online at your convenience.

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