Leaky Window Fixed Thanks To This Good Deed

Service Champions technician Wesley was at an Alta Loma home to repair a clogged condensate line that was dripping.

As it happened, the dripping was running down the side of the house and leaking into the home through a window.

Wesley fixed the line. He knew that would solve the dripping problem. But it bothered him that the window leaked. That would still be a problem for the homeowners when it rained.

So Wesley took a closer look at the window.

He could tell that the vinyl window had been installed recently but no one had caulked it at all – there was just a large gap. Wesley had experience with caulking and windows and knew he could fix it.

“Why don’t you let me take care of this for you?” Wesley asked.

The homeowner had been planning on taking care of it himself… but, well, okay, that would be great!

It took Wesley about 25 minutes and a whole tube of caulking, but he got the window sealed up super snug. This would stop the leaks and any damage from moisture.

The customer had done business with Service Champions and was familiar with ‘Good Deeds For Free,’ but he was particularly happy with this one.

“Now that’s a Good Deed!” he said.

He and his wife were happy to have to no longer worry about the leaking window.

Wesley, way to seal the deal with this ‘Good Deed For Free!’

Good Deeds In The Community

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