Technician Quick Fix Solves Nagging Problem

Service Champions technician Steve was in a home in Orange for a service call and the homeowner mentioned that her toilet roll holder was crooked and loose.

Steve saw the opportunity for a ‘Good Deed For Free.’

“We take care of our clients and do Good Deeds when we can help,” Steve told the customer. “Why don’t I take a quick look at it and see if I can do something with it.”

Wow, that would be great… it was one of those nagging little things she would love to be done with.

Steve took it apart and found a loose screw that was causing the problem. He fixed that, got everything put back together. The whole thing took about 10 minutes, but the homeowner was very happy to have that checked off the ‘problem list.’

She also loved that Service Champions does ‘Good Deeds For Free.’

“You went out of your way to take care of something for me,” she said.

Steve, it might have been a quick, easy fix for you, but you made this customer’s day with another ‘Good Deed For Free!’

Other Good Deeds In The Community

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