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AC repairs come in all different sizes. Some are small and tiny tweak here fixes the problem. Others are larger, needing a serious overhaul or replacement of key parts. Whatever the issue, AC repairs are an important part of heating and air conditioning maintenance. They help deliver quality HVAC service. AC repairs also help the central air system last for as long as possible.

Condenser Unit Repairs

The condenser unit is the second half of the air conditioning system that sits outside of the house. Generally located in the backyard, it is a large box filled with the refrigerant circuit. The refrigerant is essential to heating and cooling. When there is a problem within the condenser unit, the AC system altogether may not work.

AC repairs within the condenser unit are necessary to restore healthy and proper HVAC service. This can include:

  • Sealing refrigerant leaks
  • Replacing the control board
  • Removing debris from the inside and outside
  • Resetting detached or corroded wires

Because the condenser unit itself is a unique system, attend to these AC repairs before further damages happen.

Thermostat Repairs

AC repairs related to the thermostat often have to do with miscommunication or insufficient power sources.

You may need AC repairs with the thermostat if you find:

  • That the thermostat is blank
  • That the thermostat temperature differs from the air conditioning
  • The central air does not work when prompted by the thermostat

Because the thermostat controls the operation of the central air system, it must be in good standing. AC repairs for the thermostat will surely eliminate issues with miscommunication.

Thermostat AC repairs include:

  • Complete replacement
  • Internal cleaning
  • Rewiring

Air Duct Repairs

Air ducts are hardly ever in need of repair. However, leaks and tears do happen from time to time. Tears in air ducts are problematic because they work against conditioned air and harm the air quality.

Air ducts carry cleaned and conditioned air from the central air system to the rooms of the home. When there are tears or leaks in the air ducts, dirty attic air enters the home. This leads to:

  • Inefficient air conditioning
  • Increase of allergens
  • Higher utility bills
  • Lower home comfort

A licensed HVAC technician should complete the AC repairs for the air duct. High quality materials must be used to avoid future tears and efficient air conditioning.

AC Repairs that Last with Service Champions

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is the only Diamond Certified HVAC provider in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Homeowners trust us to deliver superior heating and AC repairs that last and deliver.

All technicians train for 150 hours each year in order to care for your furnace and air conditioner with top methods. We combine excellent customer service with our unbeatable technical care to make your HVAC superior.

To schedule your AC repairs, contact one of our friendly representatives in our call center to book your talented AC specialist.

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