Waxing The Cherry Red El Camino!

Service Champions technician John was at the Fullerton home to fix a broken air conditioner. He accomplished that and then the real fun began.

He found the homeowner in the garage with a cherry red El Camino. It was a real beauty! John loved old cars and struck up a conversation. John showed him pictures of an El Camino owned by a friend, and also showed him pictures of his dad’s classic car.

As they talked, the homeowner and John found they had a lot in common: do-it-yourself men who enjoyed old cars and liked to keep them looking great.

In fact, the customer was in the middle of waxing his El Camino just then. As the customer got back to work on it, John grabbed a buffer and helped out.

After the waxing was done, the homeowner invited John to sit in the car, which John thoroughly enjoyed.

“It was a good day,” John said. “We got his A/C fixed and we got to talk cars together. And he was just a really, really nice guy.”

John, way to buff up Service Champions’ reputation for doing ‘Good Deeds For Free!’

Good Deeds In The Community

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