Answers to the Furnace Making Different Noises

There are some noises that are appropriate for a healthy central air system. Other times, if the furnace making different noises, they signal an internal issue. The type of sound you hear can help locate where the problem is. With the help of your HVAC contractor, whatever bothers your central air can be resolved.

Furnace Making a Buzzing Noise

A buzzing or humming noise is often the result of parts loosening on top of the central air system. Think of a box or a can placed on top of the washing and drying machine. During its cycle, the box will buzz with the movement of the dryer. In the same way, the different parts of the furnace that are unsecure or easily detached can buzz and hum every time the central air system runs.

In rare cases, HVAC technicians find the furnace making a buzzing noise when specific parts are about to break down.

Furnace Making a Rattling Noise

If you discover your furnace making a rattling noise, there can be several reasons why. First, the furnace is known to rattle before and after cycling as metal heats and cools.

Second, bearings on the motor may be slipping from their place. As a result, when the motor spins, the bearings rattle and clank.

Finally, some furnaces require fan belts for a pulley and motor system. In these instances, when the furnace belt splinters or cracks, parts of it slap against the furnace. If the belt is too loose, it is another reason why you hear the furnace making a rattling noise.

Furnace Making a Banging Noise

If you hear your furnace making a banging noise and it comes from above, the air ducts are to blame. With the change in temperature, air ducts have a tendency to produce this sound.

There is a more serious reason for the furnace making that banging noise. When dirt or buildup coats the furnace burner, gas accumulates. The buildup slightly delays the lighting process. As a result, when the furnace does finally light, there is a loud bang or boom. Eventually, these can lead to a crack in the furnace burner, which is an expensive repair.

What To Do Next

When you have a furnace making all these noises, you can lose your nerves. While some noises are simply bothersome, others can cause genuine worry. When it doubt, turn the central air system off. Call your preferred HVAC contractor and wait for a technical evaluation to be made.

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