This Good Deed Was A Clean Sweep!

As Service Champions technicians Wesley and Jeffrey approached the home, they looked up to the roof and got an idea for a Good Deed they could work on as a team.

They were at a Claremont home to complete a routine tune-up and they noticed a bunch of leaves all over the front roof. They mentioned this to the homeowner.

“Yeah, they’ve been up there forever,” she said. The leaves were especially annoying because they were positioned above her front door and on windy days would blow down on her.

“Well, if you don’t mind, we’ll put up a ladder and we’ll go up there and sweep it all down,” Wesley said. “If we can borrow your green trash can we’ll just gather them all in there.”

The customer gave them an enthusiastic yes!

This dynamic Service Champions duo sprang into action. They set up the ladder, and Jeffrey climbed up and swept all the leaves down. Wesley stayed on the ground gathering them all into the garbage can and sweeping up anything that missed the can.

As it turned out, there were also a lot of leaves on the back of the roof and Wesley and Jeffery spent about 30 minutes clearing the roof.

Safe to say the customer was happy to have it done! She also told them how much she likes Service Champions and also the new unit they put in for her about a year ago.

Way to go Wesley and Jeffery! Keep raking in those Good Deeds!

Good Deeds In The Community

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