Unreachable Cabinets For Homeowner But No Problem For Our Technician

Service Champions technician Jason was at the Yorba Linda home on a service call for a loyal, long-time Service Champions client.

“She knows what were about and she really loves boasting about Service Champions and how much she loves us,” Jason said. “She also likes that we’re willing to help out with little extras.”

So, when Jason asked at the end of the service call if there was anything else he could do, she asked if he had time to help clean off some cabinets in her kitchen that were too high for her too reach.

“It’s dusty up there and with my bad knees I’m not supposed to be getting up on a step stool,” she explained.

What was unreachable for the homeowner was easy for Jason. He climbed up on a chair, took down some knick-knacks, and used a vacuum to remove all the dust. Then he carefully placed the decorative items back where they were.

It took Jason about 15 minutes and he said it made the homeowner’s day. “She was super happy!”

In a funny coincidence, Jason noticed a picture on the wall of a good friend of his. “You know him?”

“I know him well – he’s a great guy!” As it turned out, Jason’s friend was the best man at her son’s wedding. They shared a laugh about what a small world it is sometimes.

Jason, thanks for being willing to reach a little higher for another Good Deed For Free!