Technician Treats His Clients To Lunch

Service Champions technician Sophanna was on a service call in Cypress when he noticed the homeowner at their kitchen table showing his wife an Arby’s coupon.

“We should save this coupon in case we’re able to get there,” the husband told her.

The wife agreed they should save the coupon for a possible future lunch treat. Sophanna knew this couple didn’t drive and also knew that they watched their budget carefully, and he knew this meant it would be challenging for them to go out to lunch.

And it gave him an idea for a Good Deed For Free.

Since he was running out for a part anyway, he told them he would stop and bring lunch from Arby’s. They said he didn’t have to do that, but Sophanna insisted it would be his pleasure to treat them.

He got them to tell him their favorite sandwiches, and then Sophanna was on his way. He returned 30 minutes later and they all sat at the kitchen table enjoying hot roast beef sandwiches.

Sophanna, thanks for being so thoughtful with another Good Deed For Free!