Homeowner Amazed By Quick Solution to Stubborn Gate Latch Problem

Sometimes a Good Deed For Free just requires a combination of a little luck and a little know-how.

That was the case when Service Champions technician Ivan fixed a gate latch at a Cypress home. It started when Ivan arrived at the home and saw the homeowner bringing in the trash cans. Ivan helped him bring in the cans, and they came to an unlatched gate.

“That darn latch,” the homeowner grumbled. “I’ve tried to fix it and it just never stays latched.”

“Let me take a look,” Ivan said. The homeowner said it wasn’t necessary, but Ivan said he would be happy to at least look at it.

Ivan inspected the latch and then went about completing the tune-up. “I actually was thinking about it during the tune-up and the solution hit me.”

Here’s where a little luck came in. The day before Ivan had been doing some work that required sheet metal and he still had it on his truck. He knew it would come in handy for fixing this gate latch.

The problem with the latch was that the two parts that needed to connect were too far apart. Ivan knew that if he could use the sheet metal to raise the one part to meet the other, the latch would work properly. He measured it out and then cut the exact size of sheet metal.

He took it apart, inserted the sheet metal, and then the latch worked.

The homeowner was stunned that Ivan could solve this problem – and so quickly, too. “Oh my gosh! How did you do that?” he asked.

Ivan explained what he did, and the homeowner was thrilled with the solution. In fact, he and his wife insisted Ivan take a turkey sandwich to go.

Ivan said while he didn’t expect a reward for his Good Deed, he did love the sandwich. “It was really, really good!”

Ivan, thanks for using a little luck and a little know-how to pull off another Good Deed For Free!