Wallet Returned With All Its Cash And The Rent Can Still Be Paid

Service Champions technician Christian was on a break and decided to stop into a local gas station to buy some Gatorade and use the restroom.

When he entered the bathroom, he found a surprise: a wallet just sitting there.

“At first I assumed it was a stolen wallet that someone emptied and left there to get rid of it,” Christian said. But when he looked inside, he was amazed to see a bunch of cash and IDs.

Christian quickly left the restroom, so he could turn it in to the cashier right away. By the time Christian came again to the register to pay for his drink, the manager of the gas station had already found an insurance card in the wallet with the owner’s number and was reaching out to him.

“Hey, why don’t you give me your number, too?” the manager said to Christian. “Maybe the guy will want to know who found it.”

Thirty minutes later, Christian was driving on the highway and received a call from the wallet’s owner.

“Hey, thank you so much! I can’t believe I got it back with all the cash.”

Christian told him no problem, but it was a brief phone call because Christian was driving. Later the two exchanged some text messages and Christian found out just how important that money was to the person.

“He basically told me that some of the money in his wallet was to pay his rent, and he wouldn’t have been able to pay his rent on time if he lost that money,” Christian said. “He was so grateful he wanted to take me out to dinner.”

Christian emphasized that he didn’t do it for the reward and just asked the man that he “pay it forward” the next time he had an opportunity to help someone. The man also called Service Champions to express his thanks about this Good Deed For Free.

Christian, thank you for your honesty in returning the wallet so quickly and with everything intact. That’s the kind of integrity we love and another terrific Good Deed For Free!