A Unique Good Deed… Throwing Oranges For Horses!

After completing a tune-up at a Chino Hills home, Service Champions technician Landon was talking in the backyard with the homeowner. She was showing him her two horses, one miniature and one full-size.

She clearly loved the horses and was happy to find someone who knew something about the subject. Landon had previous experience riding horses when he lived in Texas.

The customer also told him it was time to feed them, but she had a problem. It just finished raining and the gate she would typically walk through had a huge puddle and was full of mud. Given the customer’s recent surgery, she wasn’t going to be able to get to the pens to feed them.

Landon asked how he could help.

She wondered would he would mind throwing oranges inside the pens for them? Her arm wasn’t up to it.

Landon was worried his throwing arm might be a little rusty, but he’d give it a shot. So he started launching oranges into the horse pens!

“It’d been a while since I worked out my shoulder,” Landon said. As it turned out, he had no reason to worry.

“I had a 100% success rate launching it into the smaller pen, where the little miniature horse was,” Landon said. “I shot him about six oranges.”

Landon also got oranges to the full-size horse and got a kick out of watching them scarf the oranges down immediately.

“They just love them, they eat them right up,” Landon said with a smile.

After about 10 minutes launching the oranges, Landon enjoyed another several minutes just “talking horses” with this knowledgeable homeowner.

It is one of the pleasures of Good Deeds For Free that it gives technicians a chance to connect with customers on a person-to-person level.

“She was very grateful,” Landon said. “And we both enjoyed being able to talk about horses.”

Landon, we knew you were an excellent technician, but we had no idea your orange-throwing skills were that good. Keep up those ‘Good Deeds For Free’!

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