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The experts at Service Champions know everything there is to know about healthy air. What most families of Chino Hills don’t know is that the air outside your home is oftentimes cleaner than the air quality inside your home. And unfortunately, in Chino Hills’ case the air outside has much to be desired – in fact the air is more contaminated than the average Californian city.

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning provides a wide range of air cleaners and filters so your family breathes the purest air possible. We are confident that you will be able to feel the difference in the quality of your air.

Make the choice to build up the strength of your current furnace and air conditioner or install a brand new system that will change the air you breathe. Our specialists will do whatever your furnace needs to bring you the home comfort that you desire, starting with your indoor air.

Air Conditioning And Heating Installations

When your Service Champions technicians arrive at your home with your new central air system, they take special measures to care for your home. We line your floors with protective plastic covers to catch debris and prevent soiling during the installation process. Our technicians also wear shoe covers so they don’t track dirt into your home.

Your outdoor condenser is fitted onto an elevated condenser pad. This pad serves as a pedestal for the condenser, keeping it stable on a leveled surface and protecting it from ground-level harm. Your furnace also is carpeted with a metal sheet to prevent stains that can accumulate during a lifetime of use.

After the installation is properly completed, your Service Champions technicians collect all work materials from the installation process as well as your old furnace. They are then loaded onto their van and carried away for proper recycling and disposal. This leaves you with absolutely no clean-up work.

5 Smart Questions Chino Hills Homeowners Should Ask Their HVAC Company

Yes. All our technicians are thoroughly vetted and back-ground checked – and we still won’t hire someone unless they have the kind character and friendly personality we are looking for.

Aside from the initial training – which is an intense 8-10 hour training course, we require all our technicians to train for 150 hours PER YEAR with a master technician.

We have EIGHT written guarantees – and they are all written clearly with no confusing language. Read about them here.

There’s an easy way to do that,  just look up our Google Reviews – there are thousands of them!

We know how frustrating it is to be duped by a company that promises you a great price. That’s why we are extremely careful to NEVER change the original price that we quote you.

Service Champions Always Over-Delivers

Here’s how:

  • We always have anything you’ll need in our vehicles
  • We have 8 guarantees that were written to give you a worry-free experience
  • We never change the price on you – the price we quote you initially is the price you pay
  • Our technicians don’t do their jobs and leave – they also do good deeds for FREE

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