This Technician Likes To Keep Chicken Wire On Hand… You Never Know When You’ll Need It For A Good Deed!

“We work in all kinds of places in houses – attics, openings for pipes near the side of houses, underneath houses – all over,” Carlo said. “And sometimes those places have little openings or holes that allows critters in.”

Such was the case at a client’s home in Irvine when Carlo was on a service call.

“He had an opening in the side of their home where piping from the HVAC system was going in,” Carlo explained. “The client had come concerns because he saw some wiring popping out and thought maybe squirrels or something were entering the home that way and disturbing the wires.”

Carlo went up and checked the attic in case the critters had been crawling up through the hole to that space. Luckily there wasn’t any evidence of that.

Still, Carlo offered to put some chicken wire in place to make sure no animals were trespassing inside.

The homeowner was happy for the offer, but surprised Carlo had chicken wire at the ready.

“Oh sure, I keep chicken wire with me,” Carlo said. “It comes in handy. I’ve used it before – I recently had someone I blocked a hole for where birds had been nesting in their attic.”

The client was relieved to have the access point blocked and was thankful that Carlo was so handy with chicken wire. Nice job Carlo! That’s another Good Deed For Free!