Technician Gives His Client A Crash Course On ‘Bluetooth’ Technology

Service Champions technician Frank was at a home in Huntington Beach and the subject of music came up with his client.

Frank and the homeowner began talking about 50s rock and roll and Frank started playing some of that era’s music on his cell phone.

The client wanted to know more about how Frank was playing music on his cell phone. Frank showed him how to use YouTube through his phone to play music.

“You could also be playing music in your home with your phone,” Frank told him. “You just need to get newer speakers and then pair it using Bluetooth.”

The client was confused about what Bluetooth was and what Frank meant by pairing, so Frank gave him a brief synopsis of the basics of how it worked.

Then Frank proceeded to show the homeowner how he could use Bluetooth on his own phone. It also gave Frank another thought.

“Hey, do you have a newer car?” Frank asked.

“Sure, it’s a 2019,” the client said.

Frank said they should go take a look, and sure enough it was Bluetooth capable. Frank showed him how to get music playing in his car using his phone and YouTube.

Frank cautioned him to make sure he had enough data if he started driving around listening to music without wi-fi. “Call your cellphone company and find out how much it would be for unlimited data,” Frank advised. “You don’t want surprises on your bill.”

The client was thrilled with all his new Bluetooth knowledge. “I want to show my wife how this works, this is great,” the client said.Frank, great job teaching your free Bluetooth 101 course! That’s an awesome Good Deed For Free!