The Warrior Princess Cat Gets A Play Area Thanks To This Good Deed For Free

Service Champions technician Frank was at a Laguna Hills home and had a problem. But he decided to turn that problem into an opportunity.

“The condenser that I needed to service was enclosed, but there was no gate to it,” Frank said. “So I was going to have to take apart the enclosure and then put it back together.”

So Frank told the homeowners that it was an opportunity – when he put it back together, he could re-configure it for them any way they wanted. They decided to make it a small play area for their cats.

“They had 3 cats – the one had a very memorable name – they called her Xena The Warrior Princess,” Frank said.

After Frank got the area re-configured, he added a cat scratching post and a place for the cats to sunbathe.

“The client already had that stuff and wanted to use it in a play area for the cats, so it worked out great,” Frank said.

The homeowners were happy to have a new play area for the 3 cats to enjoy and thanked Frank for setting it up.Frank, that’s a purr-fect Good Deed For Free – great job!