This Technician Is Always Ready To Help Lift The Burden Off Others

Service Champions technician David may take the occasional break from work, but he doesn’t take breaks from doing Good Deeds For Free.

“I was at the Home Depot on my break and I saw two women trying to put this huge sheet of plywood into their mini-van,” David said. “I could kind of tell that it was going to be a big challenge for them physically.”

David is not one to stand on the sidelines when he sees people needing help. In fact, just a few weeks before he had pitched in and helped a father and son load a bunch of heavy bricks into their car in this very same parking lot.

“I asked the women if I could help and maybe load the plywood on top of the van,” David said.

They really preferred to have the plywood loaded in the van instead of on top, so David recruited someone else to help him and they got loaded it in a way that wouldn’t block the driver’s view completely.

Another person got involved by going into the store and getting some twine.

“The back door couldn’t be shut completely, so we tied it so it wouldn’t flap around on them as they drove,” David explained.

David said the women were ecstatic that they got help. “I think they got it in their minds that no one would help them and they had to figure it out on their own.”

When they thanked David, he simply pointed at his Service Champions vehicle parked not too far away and said, “It’s part of what we do – Good Deeds For Free!”

David, way to step in and inspire others to help, too. That’s an awesome Good Deed For Free!