‘Let Me Do That For You’: Technician Steps In To Keep Homeowner Off Ladder

Service Champions technician Jorge saw a ladder set-up outside the home when he arrived at a Huntington Beach home for a service call.

He asked the homeowner about it. “Yes, the season is changing, and it is time for me to put up a new flag,” she told Jorge.

Jorge noticed that the placement of the ladder looked a little unsteady and he didn’t want to see the homeowner in an unsafe situation.

“I’ll tell you what, why don’t you let me do that for you,” he said. She agreed, and Jorge had the flags swapped out quickly once he got the ladder adjusted.

“It only took me about 5 or 10 minutes, but she was quite pleased to have it done and I was glad she didn’t have to climb the ladder,” Jorge said.

Jorge, way to look out for your client’s best interests and thank you for another Good Deed For Free!